The Proactive Breast Wellness™ Program (PBW) is available as a CD or Digital Download, and an eBook is coming soon.


The PBW Program Provides…

Ingrid L. Edstrom, FNP, M.Ed.
  • Practical suggestions for lifestyle changes for women who want to reduce their risk of developing breast cancer or help decrease reoccurrence rates.
  • A valuable educational tool to decrease weight/insomnia, balance hormones and improve your mood.
  • Four hours and fifty five minutes of narrative about supplements, hormone balancing, dietary and environmental changes, self-care techniques, lymph-drainage massage, exercise and mind-body relaxation technique components. View the chapter plan.
  • A FREE 9-Chapter Resource Disc/ Download
  • Nutritional Supplement Protocols- Save money & get 20% off ALL your supplements through PBW
  • “Waves of Serenity” – a 45 minute relaxation/guided imagery CD/DVD/Download

Experience the PBW Program For Yourself:

Click to listen to audio intro
Click to listen to audio intro

Proactive Breast Wellness™

Listen to Ingrid Edstrom, FNP, M.Ed. introduce the Proactive Breast Wellness Program where she explains the benefits of the program and what it includes.

Listen now to our free introduction to the program. The text version of the introduction is available here.

Track also available as CD, DVD or download

Waves of Serenity

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“I tried your Waves of Serenity CD for the first time this morning and it was Great! Just left a little graffiti in the sand…. ‘I was there.’ Of course, it washed away, so I will have to revisit the beach tomorrow. It was truly relaxing and I felt much calmer afterwards.” -Veronica T

Recent Patient Feedback

After receiving an initial diagnosis of breast cancer, I consulted with Infrared Breast Health, Ingrid Edstrom’s clinical practice.. The thermography images provided additional information that could not be seen from standard medical imaging, including ultrasound and MRI. This information helped to guide my decisions about treatment. A diagnosis of breast cancer is a frightening experience, and knowledge is power. My only regret is that I did not start using these services earlier in my life before the cancer diagnosis.

Ingrid Edstrom is not only an expert in explaining what is seen in the images, she is also an excellent educator on natural health and nutrition. One visit to Ingrid and you will be armed with the best information on all aspects of women’s health. I highly recommend these services and her Proactive Breast Wellness program!

Reviewer: Carolyn G.

On the recommendation of my midwife, I have been getting breast thermography done for the last 5 years, since I turned 36. Having a family history of breast cancer, I wanted to learn as much as I possibly could about keeping my breasts as healthy as possible. Each time I have images and an exam done by Ingrid, I feel like I have more insight into what’s happening with each breast. Using the Proactive Breast Wellness Protocol, I have a comprehensive guide to help remind me of the path I am on. As much as possible, I take the recommended supplements, eat well, and avoid the things that promote problems. Ingrid has been very encouraging and she has shared her wealth of information in person and in the materials she provides to take home. She does a very thorough breast exam. I feel reassured by her professional manner and appreciative of her gentle and caring way.

Reviewer: Cicely B. on 11/24/2015