Welcome to the Proactive Breast WellnessTM Affiliate Program for Clinicians, Foundations & Retail!

PBW provides a complete education program to decrease breast cancer risk or its reoccurrence.

We created this exciting breast cancer education program to assist and meet the needs of the busy medical provider or retail store who wants to offer a comprehensive Breast Cancer prevention program to reduce your risk of breast cancer or its reoccurrence. Or to help support women who are trying to make healthier lifestyle choices. We understand the clinical demands of a busy medical practice or pharmacy and the time constraints that you have to work under in order to provide quality care for your practice. We know that it is a challenge to address the concerns of a woman in a portion of an hour. We realize that all women would benefit from an educational program that helps to empower them to make or reinforce lifestyle healthy dietary changes, give them information about hormone balancing, alert them on how to limit environmental toxins and make healthier choices.

PBW provides four hours and fifty five minutes of narrative, a free data disc/resource download of resources and a relaxation CD or DVD. The entire Proactive Breast Wellness breast cancer prevention program is available as a physical 6 CD set that can be purchased wholesale and made available to your retail store, clinic or pharmacy. PBW can also be used as a fundraiser for nonprofits.

If you refer a woman to our website, PBW will be offering you a commission or donation for 1 year if the person purchases the full PBW program. The woman will also receive a discount on her order so she will have the incentive to put in your customized code. If this is of interest to you, please click on the link below so we may contact you and can assign you a tracking number in our E-commerce system. We can then give you credit as a referral and to help us spread the word for a very needed breast cancer education and breast wellness program as well as provide a comprehensive education tool to support your work and the women you serve.

We are also offering a 15% donation to help support sister organizations/foundations who have parallel missions to ours to reduce Breast Cancer Risk and who may embrace our “Prevention is the Cure” motto. Foundations who promote organic eating, limiting toxic exposure to chemicals that affect breast cancer risk or BRCA gene daughters of breast cancer moms. PBW would like to become a supporter of your foundation! If your foundation is able to direct their members to explore the PBW website and educational tool and their members wish to purchase our program, we wish to provide a 15% donation to help raise funds for your foundation and your wonderful work. Our PBW staff will request your sister organizations’ tax ID number so you can receive your donation. The staff at PBW are educators and we wish to help empower women and the men who love us to help protect ourselves and our families. Education is power.

What do medical experts say about this breast wellness program?

Click here to see what the expert reviewers are saying about the PBW breast cancer education program and view the chapter list of this comprehensive breast cancer prevention and breast wellness program.

Click here to view our Presentation on How Herbicides and Pesticides Affect Your Breast Tissue. These infrared images demonstrate what xenoestrogens do to activate breast tissue. Our environment has a major impact on a woman’s risk of developing breast cancer.

Click here to see the before and after images of being on the PBW Protocol.  You can actually see the improvement!

To make it easy, we will also provide you with a template for a stand up brochure that you can customize with your information. You can insert your personalized commission code and have them printed up for your waiting room or retail shop.

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Please register below to receive your commission or donation code for your foundation, retail store or medical office.  After you sign up for your commission or donation we will send you a code for one free download of PBW so that you can review the program. Please include the reviewer’s email under the organization’s email. The women will be grateful to you for providing this information!

Staff Training Videos

For Lingerie Stores


For Pharmacy / Nutrition Stores


We have created staff training videos for your store employees to view to show them how they can easily introduce the Proactive Breast Wellness program to your clients/ shoppers. This can be done at check out or while assisting women in your store to make their purchases. This may be for new PJs, bras after surgery, compounded hormone replacement or when looking for supplements to improve their health in your local nutrition store or pharmacy.

When you sign up as an Affiliate or contact PBW, we will send you a code to access the videos.

So get started…. and contact us so you can provide this life saving educational tool to the women who shop at your retail store or from your On-line business. You will be making a 15% commission for a year for your store and the women will be grateful that you are spreading the word about PBW. Help Save Lives!

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